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In 2017 I had my SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate renewed for a further 3 years by the Professional Association for Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (PATOSS).

Meeting Up

  • When I see children, teenagers and adults for SpLD assessment, we meet usually for 3 or 4 hours of diagnostic tests and conversation. This assessment process is often quite a watershed in the lives of those who come to see me.
  • Realising that the difficulties you have been experiencing are not because you are ‘lazy’ or ‘stupid’ or because you ‘can’t pay attention’ is quite a discovery. Recognising in fact that you are an intelligent person with specific difficulty/difficulties – dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia – for which (with help) you can adopt strategies to either partially overcome or compensate, can be both an empowering and moving experience.

Please contact me via email, or phone 07931578239, for more details about a full diagnostic assessment, including assessment requirements for claiming the Disabled Student Allowance.


I currently tutor students of all ages: primary school, secondary school, higher education students and adults. A student can be as young as 6 or nearing retirement. They come from many different kinds of backgrounds, including some where the first language is not English. I very much enjoy the variety of experience that I have when teaching such a diversity of students.

Yet my students are diverse in many other ways. Many have very different preferred styles of learning. Some have a visual preference and relate to strongly to image-based prompts; others love to learn by listening and talking; still others like to see things in print and many more just want to get ‘stuck in’ to an activity -learning through experience (the ‘kinaesthetic’ learners). I help learners to gain confidence through beginning with their preferred learning style and then gradually and gently I encourage them to engage with new ways of learning that they may have shied away from.

My aim is, through an agreed programme of lessons and overall objectives, to help a learner build up sets of skills that they can take away in order to tackle more confidently and more effectively, the challenges he or she is likely to meet in school, college or in the work environment as a student with specific learning difficulties.

Please contact me via email, or phone 07931578239, for more details about how my tuition programmes work.

new! – FACEBOOK PAGE – “David Bash – Tuition & Assessment for Dyslexia & Dyspraxia”

As from August 2018, I now have a Facebook page for my assessment and tuition work. This will be featuring my latest thoughts on and discoveries in my assessment and tuition work. It will also be a place for me to respond to questions from students (or parents of students) with suspected specific learning difficulties – and to hold conversations on issues that impact on a student’s academic development.